Dearest Residents,

Joe & I have been privileged to be residents of Strandpromenaden 6 for the past 6 & half years. In this period we have interacted with many residents of this neighborhood and had a true sense of belonging. Time has now come to say goodbye and it’s not easy to do so to people & place you love!!!! We departed on 23/8/2019.

Kenya has been resident of this community since 1970 when it bought the residence from the Ohman family. We celebrated the re-union of the Ohman family in Kenya House in 2017. We hope this relationship between Kenya & Dufnas community will continue to flourish in the coming years.

On our part, Joe & I wish to welcome you & your families to visit our lovely country Kenya. We run an open door policy in our small farm in Eldoret Kenya. We would be delighted to welcome you to Kenya. Our contacts are as follows;

Once again thank you for making us feel part of your community & we look forward to welcoming you to Kenya.


Betty & Joe
Strandpromenaden 6
Saltsjo Duvnas